I am currently a third-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Virginia, under the guidance of Dr. Madhav Marathe at the Biocomplexity Institute. My research interests encompass Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. My current projects include: (i)Topology preserving segmentation for Remote Sensing: Working on developing novel machine learning algorithms designed to detect irrigation canals from remote sensing data. This involves creating models that interpret irrigation canals as networks, focusing on understanding the topological structure to enhance model learning and refine inaccurate ground data. (ii) Irrigation Mapping from Sattelite images: Developing a deep learning system tailored for irrigation mapping in varied environments. This project uses cutting-edge machine learning and Computer Vision techniques, integrating joint learning approaches to improve the segmentation model's ability to discern coarse features of different irrigation types.
Prior to my PhD, my undergraduate research at Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST) also centered on Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Following my graduation in Computer Science, I gained practical industry experience as a Software Engineer at Enosis Solutions in Bangladesh, where I worked for a year.

Contact: oishee (at) virginia (dot) edu

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